Frequently Asked Questions

Due to current Indian regulations, delivering diesel to our customer's cars is a bit more challenging. We pride ourselves on fully complying with applicable regulations regarding the delivery of all fuels. We plan on proving our model to regulators and working with them to insure that we will be delivering petrol in Hyderabad in the future as well.
We have taken every step to ensure that Drop Diesel meets industry standards. Safety is our top priority and we make sure to communicate that to everyone here at Drop Diesel. That means we all - including the folks in the office - have undergone dangerous goods awareness training. We have also implemented safety, regulatory and ethical procedures to mitigate possible risks.
Unlike most on-demand delivery companies, all of our drivers are full time employees who have been hired according to very strict recruitment requirements. All of our drivers are trained and certified by our insurance company to transport and deliver fuel to the client.
Our Drop Diesel vehicles are equipped with measured compliant dispensing units and our app-based receipt system shows proof of delivery without human interaction. In addition, if you like, you may contact us anytime at and request additional information regarding your specific delivery – what we send you will be chock-full of details!
We offer standard diesel with a standard cetane number (the measure of a fuel’s ignition delay) and lubricity. We buy the diesel in bulk from reputable fuel distributors across the Indian and pass the savings on to you.
We provide standard grade diesel.
All our vans are calibrated to Indian dispensing regulations, the same as a fuel station. We can provide calibration certificates on request.
We work with hundreds of companies across Hyderabad, from small operations with 3-4 vehicles to major 100+ vehicle haulage fleets.
We offer different payment options for businesses depending on your company’s credit score. Please get in touch with the sales team to discuss further.
We provide automated digital VAT receipts that will be sent directly to your email at the end of each order.
For our invoicing customers, we provide weekly invoices with a full breakdown of all fill-ups via Xerox, an accounting software platform.
Our metering systems are of the highest quality and accuracy. The volumes we dispense to your vehicles are available via your dedicated portal, including in real-time.
All our drivers are fully trained and certified to the highest Indian standards for safely handling fuel (dangerous goods handling and dispensing certification in the Indian).